Principal’s Address

theschoolWelcome to Llangattock School Monmouth! An independent school and nursery set in the beautiful Monmouthshire countryside offering education for children  from 2 – 19 years.

“I am delighted to have created Llangattock School Monmouth, which rose out of a conviction that there is a better way for children to learn.

Here, children’s progress can be limitless, as they learn AT THEIR OWN PACE, and are championed for every emerging skill, led by enthusiastic experts in each topic.

We enable every child to have a positive experience of childhood and education, growing into the unique adult he or she can be, with a secure and positive self-image.

I invite you most warmly to come and see us in action, and you will see how we can provide the education experience you want for your child.”


Rosemary Whaley, Principal

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