The Montessori Method

montessorimethodMonmouth Montessori Nursery remains true to the Montessori method in essence, but reflects the times we live in.

Conceived in the 1900s by the enlightened Maria Montessori this method was revolutionary in its time and is based on the theory that children learn best through practical experiment and experience. For instance, they might be encouraged to place objects in order of size, differentiate between sounds, feel different textures and so on.

The social aspects of a child’s behaviour are nurtured from an early age, encouraging children to share, complete tasks, tidy up, wash their hands, etc.

Montessori equipment is used with other resources. This gives the children a range of environments in which to learn at their own pace, using their own preferred medium in their quest for knowledge.

Music and rhyme sit happily alongside games and physical play, encouraging memory and success.