School Life

schoollifeThe school is broadly divided into two groups; Lower School and Upper School.

However, lessons are also taught vertically, meaning that should your child be particularly gifted or interested in particular subjects they are allowed to develop their talents without limit.

For instance, you will frequently see a child of 7 with a high reading age enjoying a lesson alongside 10 year olds. This also means that should your child be ‘struggling’ in another area it would not feel odd to consolidate a skill alongside younger learners.

There is a timetable to enable the week to encompass all the different subjects but particular topics may be learnt by immersion for whole days at a time.

We cover a broad range of subjects in addition to the core curriculum. In our philosophy lessons children are encouraged to expand their thoughts and ideas, while verbal and non-verbal reasoning encourages their ability to think around a topic.

We have an outstanding reputation for language, communication, music and drama. Native speakers teach Welsh and French. Every child is encouraged to perform and speak on the stage and plays are often written by the children themselves.

The school stands on 6 acres of playing fields, wild flower meadows and trees. The children play ball games such as rounders, netball, hockey and football. In winter we tend to concentrate on swimming and in summer on tennis and athletics.

The school day starts at 9 am and finishes at 3:30 pm, except for Fridays when Lower School finishes at 1 pm and Upper School finishes at 3 pm. Term dates are available HERE.