Our Approach

Principal Rosemary Whaley is an expert in the education of children.

Unsatisfied with the state ethos and the pressured style of private education, she formulated the learning environment that now runs so happily and successfully.

Drawing on her experience as the headmistress of top London prep school, Garden House, and her exceptional musical background, she had a clear vision of how to educate children at their own pace.

The teaching takes its inspiration in part from the Montessori method.

Headmistress, Joanna Chick, spent many years teaching in state schools before deciding to pursue an MSc in Behaviour Analysis and Therapy to enable her to bring the latest scientific methods into her teaching, particularly for children often left behind by modern teaching practices. She took over as Headmistress in September 2017 and works alongside Rosemary to ensure that Llangattock School Monmouth works for every pupil.

The school attracts children from every walk of life from the academically gifted to the more practically minded.

Small groups with an inclusive ethos provide each child with individual attention personalised to the particular child’s needs.

In all, this school is the place where your child’s intellectual and emotional growth is nurtured to its fullest potential.