Lower School

Lower School covers the Key Stage 2 age range from Year 3 to Year 6. Pupils follow a broad and balanced skills based curriculum with an emphasis on creativity, music and outdoor learning alongside traditional academic subjects.  Children have a main teacher who is responsible for the overall curriculum in their class and is the main point of contact for parents, but they are also taught by a range of specialist teachers who are experts in their subject.  Subjects such as French, Art and Classics are taught across all the age groups by subject specialists who are able to cover the subject in much greater depth.

Outdoor learning is a fundamental part of education at Llangattock with gardening and Forest School being key parts of the timetable.  In addition, the outside space is utilised for literacy and numeracy lessons wherever possible. As a Montessori-inspired setting, the timetable is kept flexible so that learning need not be interrupted if the children are fully absorbed in an activity. Time can also be given to experiential learning as and when the opportunity arises.  This gives the lessons a more relaxed feel than more conventional schooling ensuring that children are always fully engaged in their learning.

Children are taught in small classes and are vertically grouped for core subjects, so that they are taught by stage and not age. This means that no child is left behind and more able pupils can move on ahead of their peers if they are ready. Pupils are also encouraged to be help each other with their work, which acts to consolidate their own learning, but also to frame achievement as a group effort, rather than a competition.

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