For Parents

Llangattock School Monmouth
Llangattock-Vibon Avel
Monmouth NP25 5NG
Headmistress Mrs Joanna Chick

Chair of Board of Advisors  Mr Marcus Tester

The Head Teacher and the Chair of the Board can be contacted through the school address or telephone.

Please send letters to the Chair marked ‘PRIVATE’ and they will be forwarded.

If you would like to speak to him in confidence telephone the school and he will be asked to telephone you at his earliest convenience.

Monmouth NP25 5NG
Tel. 01600 772213

For Admissions Procedure and Fees CLICK HERE


The Mission Statement and Ethos, Admissions Policy, Discipline and Exclusions Policy, the Child Protection Policy and the Special Education Needs Policy are available here.

Click to download each one:

Mission Statement and Ethos

Admissions Policy

Discipline and Exclusions Policy

Child Protection Policy

Special Education Needs Policy

Fixed Term and Permanent Exclusions Policy

The curriculum document, and particulars of policies relating to bullying, health and safety,behaviour (including sanctions adopted in the event of pupils misbehaving) and particulars of academic performance during the preceding school year, including the results of any public examinatons are available from the school office by request.

Deatils of the complaints procedure adopted by the school, together with details of the number of complants registered under the formal procedure during the preceding school year can also be requested from the school office.

A staff list is on the brochure linked to this website.

Annual written reports are supplied to parents giving the progress of their child.

A copy of the latest Estyn inspection report is available from the school office on request.